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Free sample application built using the Solid Framework PDF SDK

About Solid PDF Mechanic

The majority of Solid Framework SDK customers use Solid Documents technology for its conversion features like PDF to Word and PDF to PDF/A. With the Solid PDF Mechanic utility we are showcasing the capabilities that are available in the Free Edition of the Solid Framework SDK. The screenshots below illustrate just one way to implement these capabilities.

In addition, Solid PDF Mechanic, also uses a Developer license of Solid Framework to illustrate the use of the premium features of this .NET PDF SDK such as PDF to Word conversion and PDF/A Validation.

PDF viewer including Page Pane and standard navigation controls similar to Acrobat Reader.
Solid PDF Mechanic

Explorer view allows navigation and examination of PDF internals.
Solid PDF Mechanic

Screens to view and edit security settings, viewer preferences and document information.
Solid PDF Mechanic

Royalty free .NET class library: create, convert, render and modify PDF
.NET PDF Conversion, Creation, Rendering and Security

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